Teeth Whitening Treaments

Whitening can take years off your appearance

Tailor-made whitening trays allow you to whiten your teeth at home

Safe and reliable, when carried out by professionals

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  • A minimum 20 mins appointment

  • A clinical assessment for suitability

  • Detailed treatment plan including prices

  • Your choices and options for treatment

Is teeth whitening safe?

When teeth whitening treatments are carried out by a suitably qualified dental professional then yes, they are completely safe. The teeth whitening kit will be designed and custom-made to fit you exclusively, this ensures that the bleaching agent does not touch the delegate a gum area.

Teeth whitening at a beauty salon very often does not have this close attention to detail to ensure that the teeth whitening trade fits perfectly around the gum margin. A beauty therapist will also not be trained to spot any contra indications clinically to having teeth whitening, such as excessive amounts of tartar in between the teeth or gum disease.

In fact, the General Dental Council (the body which regulates dentistry to protect the patient in the UK) has deemed that teeth whitening is a dental procedure and therefore can only be carried out by a dental professional.

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