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When the age of the tooth fairy is over

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The tooth fairy is a sweet story that we tell our children so that they don’t worry about the inevitable loss of their baby teeth. With the addition of a little financial incentive as well, they’re practically eager to lose them. When they get their adult teeth, however, how do you make the transition to a new phase where they look forward to not losing teeth for many years? As adults, we know that losing a tooth will cost you money rather than lead to coins under the pillow! Fortunately, at De-ientes Dental, your dentist in Golders Green, we are here to support you and your child’s teeth at any age.


Perhaps one of the most important reasons to ensure that your child visits the dentist in Golders Green regularly is so that we can monitor the development of their teeth. Sometimes, we can anticipate issues, such as alignment problems, early on. This allows us to take remedial action that is less extensive that the course we would need to take if the teeth grew to maturity without any adjustment.

Reducing cavities

There are several reasons why children’s teeth are more vulnerable to cavities. Firstly, the enamel on them is still forming. It is not as hard as that of adult teeth and so the acid from bacteria in the mouth can cause micro-holes more easily. Children are also just learning to take care of their teeth and make food choices with their dental health in mind. During this stage of life, visiting the dentist in Golders Green regularly can help you get important messages across to your child about their dental health. We can show them techniques to use for a sparkling smile. We can also offer a range of preventive treatments to make things easier.

Building a good relationship

Many people have a difficult relationship with their dentist as an adult due to experiences they had as a child. Similarly, great experiences at a young age lead to adults who are motivated and happy to take care of their oral health with regular check-ups. We foster positive experiences at De-ientes Dental to build a great foundation for the future of your child’s teeth.


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