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What older people need from a dentist in Golders Green

Now that you are over 50, what do you find yourself worrying about with regard to your teeth? We bet it’s quite a while since your dentist told you you needed a filling. It’s more likely that your dental concerns are centred around preserving teeth that are starting to give way after years of hard work, and around keeping gum disease at bay.

Your teeth are probably looking a bit worse for wear. Maybe they have a few chips or cracks, are worn at the edges. Maybe they have lost their pearly whiteness. Maybe they are looking a bit longer as the gums recede.

This is the normal state of affairs for older people whose teeth have seen a good few decades of service.

These are all issues that we can help you with at De-ienties Dental in Golders Green. As a general private dentist, we like to be able to cater to people of all ages, including older adults.

So, if your teeth are duller, a bit damaged, and starting to give way, don’t worry, we can offer you a range of treatments to give them a new lease of life.


Teeth whitening is not just for the young. In fact, as you go through life, your teeth collect stains from various things such as tea and red wine, so it makes sense to get the accumulation of decades of staining removed.

We suggest you start with a good scale and polish to remove any plaque and then we can move onto whitening. This can be done in an hour in the clinic, or more gradually at home. Whitening can take years off your appearance.


If you have got damaged teeth, we can cover over imperfections with veneers. These tiny sheaths of dental porcelain are very robust and can last for at least 10 years if you take good care of them.

Gum disease

Early stage gum disease is easily counteracted with improved dental hygiene. We can also treat later stage gum disease. This may take longer, but it is very important as late stage gum disease attacks tooth roots and the jawbone, and teeth can come loose and fall out.


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