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Taking steps to take care of your teeth

Your dental health is important to you. When you have excellent oral functionality, you can enjoy lovely life experiences like eating great food, smiling and talking away with your friends. Any problem with your dental health can have an impact on all these activities. This is why your teeth are important to us at De-ientes as well. We are a full-service dentist in Golders Green and we can’t wait to welcome you to our practice, so we can support your efforts to maintain a winning smile.

Getting your priorities straight

It’s easy to allow something like dental hygiene to fall by the wayside. There are so many priorities vying for your attention, it’s hard to give them all the attention they deserve. Fortunately, De-ientes, your dentist in Golders Green, is here to help. We offer appointments at times to suit you. When you visit, our team is here to help your visit go smoothly and swiftly so you can get back out there and on with your day, safe in the knowledge that your teeth are looked after.

Simple routines

With dental hygiene, small changes can make a big difference. Your De-ientes dentist in Golders Green will make suggestions that you can easily integrate into your regular routine. Adding something like flossing or using interdental brushes can take just a few seconds per day but dramatically improve your dental health so that you save time on lengthy restorative dental appointments in the future.

What’s next?

Visiting the dentist can be about more than maintenance. Ask us about our range of cosmetic services, which are designed to put a lighter, shinier spin on your smile. All of them work best on healthy teeth, which is another reason to keep on top of your oral hygiene. If we need to make any small repairs so that you can go ahead with your choice of cosmetic treatments, then we can schedule these in for you as part of a smile makeover.

At De-ientes, we look forward to addressing all aspects of your smile, so you go away beaming with confidence as well as health.


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