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Can Yellow Teeth Become White Again?

Over time, our pearly whites pick up natural stains, changing colour as we get older. We tend to associate perfect white teeth with success and a sign of good health, mostly because people who find themselves in the public eye have their teeth whitened. Teeth whitening removes the stains that discolour the teeth and bleaches them to a whiter shade. Most dental practices across the country will offer the treatment so if yellowing teeth are knocking down your confidence, you can have them whitened. It’s a super effective treatment that comes in two forms - home whitening and in-surgery whitening. Both have their own pros and cons so if you are interested in having your teeth whitened, it’s worth speaking to a dentist to find out which is best for you. 

Whitening reverses the natural discolouration of teeth, but it doesn’t tackle all blemishes. If you have dark, brownish yellow marks around the gum line, this is likely to be tartar. You can have these removed with a thorough scale and polish from a hygienist. Regular trips to a hygienist, every six months, will prevent tartar from building up and protect you from gum disease. 

Why do teeth turn yellow with age?

Particular foods that we eat and drink can cause our teeth to darken more so than others. Drinks that contain a lot of tannin are the worst culprits. Black coffee, tea and red wine leave stains, but they can be removed if they are on the surface and haven’t reached under the enamel. Deeper stains can only be removed with teeth whitening. 

Other factors can lead to our teeth changing colour. Smoking is very much a habit that will cause your teeth to go yellow as the nicotine and tar in tobacco will stain. Smoking in general isn’t good for your oral health so if you wish to keep your teeth healthy, whole and looking white, cutting back on smoking will definitely help. 

Our teeth also change colour as the layer of white enamel gradually wears away, revealing the dentine underneath. Dentine is yellow in colour, so this erosion will make our teeth appear less white than they were when we were younger. 

Not all discolouration can be removed with whitening. Your dentist will be best placed to advise if you have any blemishes that you want to have fixed and concealed. There are other cosmetic treatments available that can conceal defects including stains. Composite bonding and veneers are an option. They can also address chipped teeth and gaps in between your front teeth. 

How can I avoid my teeth turning yellow?

Yellowing teeth is perfectly natural, though some habits can make it worse. You can avoid stains by cutting back coffee and red wine from your diet, for example, but that may not be enough to keep your teeth pearly white. 

If you are self-conscious about your teeth appearing less white, home whitening is a good option as you can top up the bleaching at home. Once you have whitening once, your teeth can still get stained again. Having a home whitening kit with top-ups means you can manage your whitening at home at your own convenience. Home whitening is also more affordable than in-surgery or Zoom! Whitening. 

Does whitening toothpaste work?

Whitening toothpaste contains a bleaching agent that does remove surface stains that you pick up every day through the foods that you eat and drink. It doesn’t work as effectively as tooth whitening as it doesn’t reach the stains that are under the surface of the teeth. These are the stains that make your teeth appear yellower with time. Only professional teeth whitening can fully remove the stains and make a huge difference, brightening your smile. 

What is tooth whitening and how does it work?

Tooth whitening uses either hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen carbamide in a whitening agent that causes a safe chemical reaction under the surface of the teeth. The reaction releases oxygen molecules which break down the stain particles that are stuck to your teeth. What remains of the stains is dissolved into the saliva where it naturally disappears. 

Home whitening such as PolaNight and Boutique whitening uses custom-made mouth trays. These trays are moulded from impressions of your teeth. You then add the whitening solution to the trays, applying it so it evenly covers the surfaces of your teeth. These trays are then worn much like a mouth guard. You can either wear them at night so your teeth whiten as you sleep or a short period during the day. It’s up to you which method works best. You should start to see the results after a few days but full results take a few weeks for you to have brilliant white teeth. 

In-surgery whitening achieves results in a single sitting. The appointment tends to take around an hour, sometimes longer. The dentist will apply a whitening agent to your teeth and then use a UV lamp to activate the reaction. Sometimes, this treatment can cause some sensitivity. You will however have whiter teeth on the same day. In-surgery whitening is more costly than home whitening, but the results are very quick. 

Arrange for a free consultation with a cosmetic dentist

Looking to whiten your smile? If your teeth have noticeably turned more yellow and it’s affecting your confidence, you can look into whitening solutions. At De-Ientes Dental, we have affordable whitening that can truly make a difference. We offer free consultations at our practice so you can talk to a dentist about the treatment and see some results for yourself. If it’s something you would like to try, you can also make use of our 0% finance options. Spreading the cost of treatment over a few months makes it much easier to manage.

If you’re interested, you can book a non-obligatory consultation online here or you can give us a call on 02087319020.


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