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The Cosmetic Dentistry Bundle

Orthodontics, whitening and cosmetic bonding veneers special offer bundle

Look younger and feel great

Feel confident and beautiful again

Enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth & gums

Your smile is your best asset, don't let it go unnoticed

Special 'bundle' price - save up to £1350 (scroll for more info)

Finance from £3.40/day ***

Deientes: The dentist you'll love to visit

Your Teeth, Your Way.

We've taken 3 great treatment concepts and blended them together into a full package bundle, all designed to give you the most perfect smile at the best price.

1.    Almost invisible orthodontics - to straighten teeth
2.    Teeth whitening - to whitening teeth
3.    Cosmetic bonding - to correct any small imperfections

✔ Get a flawless smile

✔ Stop the embarrassment of crooked teeth

✔ Increase your confidence for any occasion 

✔ Save money on dental procedures by bundling them together

✔ Treatment plan and bundle tailored to your needs

Special offer bundle price

Total saving: £1350

You don’t have to live with a smile you don't like anymore. With just one visit, we can start working on getting your teeth looking great again. It won’t be long before people compliment how nice they look and ask what dentist did the work for you! Don’t wait another day – schedule an appointment now and take advantage of our cosmetic dentistry bundle.

Get all this...

Free initial consultation via photography submission
Free clinical examination and 3D scan worth £250* 
Up to £500 off complex cases
Free teeth whitening on complex cases, worth £350
Free retainers worth £250 on ALL cases

Total offer saving: £1350 (If everything was charged for individually)

Every plan and bundle is tailored to your needs and requirements which is a process we pride ourselves in.

0% Finance

A typical treatment cost is £4800 however our bundle price brings the overall investment down to £3450**

We are also pleased to offer finance, this brings the price right down to £3.40 per day ***... the same as a cup of coffee great value!

This is done via photograph submission. Complete the form opposite and we will give you instructions on how to send your photograghs to us.

We  will then have a look at your photographs and assess if we think you might be suitable and give you an idea of which treatments might be right for you and what the likely cost could be.

You will then be invited in for a consultation.


Free initial assessment

Straighter Teeth

The latest in orthodontic technology

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that specialises in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental irregularities such as misalignment of teeth or jaws. This includes crookedness, overcrowding and underdevelopment. It can be used to correct problems with an individual's bite or alignment of their teeth. In this way it can also help improve the overall health of your mouth by preventing future tooth decay and gum disease from occurring due to misaligned teeth.

We use an amazing clear aligners system called Spark Aligners, giving you straighter teeth with no one else knowing.

Whiter Teeth

Quick, simple and painless white teeth

Teeth whitening is another great option if you want whiter looking teeth without having braces on them! We offer different types of treatments including Zoom Whitening which uses high-intensity light activated peroxide gel that penetrates deep into enamel cracks where stains tend to accumulate more readily than anywhere else on your tooth’s surface area. The results are immediate after just one visit! 

Our other options include take home trays which use hydrogen peroxide gel for at-home applications over several weeks depending on how much staining there was before starting treatment. 

Cosmetic Bonding

Choose from a natural or Hollywood appearance

After you have had your teeth straightened and whitened and we can move on to cosmetic bonding. With cosmetic bonding we can fill in any chips in teeth and alter the shape of teeth. This gives the final finishing touches to your new smile to ensure you have your teeth, your way.

You will see results immediately with cosmetic bonding as it is always done in the chair in one appointment.

Get started…


Your Teeth, Your Way.  Let's get started…

If you are looking for a way to improve your smile, our team at Deientes are happy to help.


Take advantage of our Cosmetiic Dentistry Bundle which includes orthodontics and cosmetic bonding in addition to whitening treatments.


Contact us today so we can get started on giving you the straight teeth and beautiful smile that you deserve!

*  A commitment to go ahead and payment for the treatment is required

** Excludes the cost of cosmetic bonding as there is no way of knowing how many teeth will require this. Cosmetic bonding is from £150 - £295 per tooth, depending on the complexity.

*** Based on the treatment price of £3450, £107.52 per month, financed over 3 years at 7.9% APR. Total amount payable £3870.68 Other finance options include 6-12 Months interest-free or 7.9% APR over 24 to 36 months.

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