Adult Braces

A course of treatment will last 6-24 months

Regular visits required

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Smile transformations with braces can last a lifetime

You are never too old to have a straighter smile

Braces realign the teeth you have so no damage to them is required

Braces options

There are a variety of teeth braces options depending on your clinical situation and what you want to fix.

  • Ceramic braces - the modern alternative to train track braces, offering tooth coloured brackets and white wires. Because these braces are fixed it gives the orthodontist more control over the tooth movement, ideal if you have a complex treatment requirement. >> Read More

  • Lingual braces - these braces sit behind the teeth and are completely invisible when viewed from the front. >> Read more

  • Invisible braces - Invisalign offers the chance to have straighter teeth with no one else knowing, utilising a clear aligner to straighten teeth.

Ceramic braces overview

  1. Suitable for more complex treatments.

  2. Tooth coloured wires and brackets for maximum discretion.

  3. Can move back teeth as well is front teeth.

  4. Typically shorter treatment times when compared to removable orthodontics

Ceramic braces with a white wire are the classic alternative to traditional metal braces.  Because they are fixed braces they give your orthodontist complete flexibility to move teeth exactly as they wish, including rotating, tipping, twisting and moving bodily which can be difficult with removable orthodontic appliances.

They are essentially modernised metallic braces giving you all of the advantages without the metal braces look!

WIN lingual orthodontics overview

What are lingual braces?

The term 'lingual' refers to the inside or tongue side of your teeth. Your orthodontist will assess your bite to ensure there is adequate space for the braces to fit, when fitted they are extremely smooth and comfortable and virtually invisible when viewed from the front.

  1. Each individual bracket is perfectly adapted to the tooth shape and custom-made.

  2. Individual brackets allow for extremely flat design and therefore maximum comfort.

  3. Individual wires are bent by computer assisted technology to ensure maximum performance.

Lingual braces vs Invisalign

COMFORT - because Invisalign is made from completely smooth plastic people generally find them more comfortable than lingual braces. However, in time lingual braces can also be adapted to. 

TREATMENT TIME - treatment times for each system will vary depending upon your exact treatment plan, however because Invisalign is removable patients often have a tendency not to wear the aligner for as long as required. Because lingual braces are fixed and not removable by the patient they generally are faster at moving teeth.

COMPLEXITY OF TREATMENT - Invisalign is typically designed to be used to straighten the front teeth, lingual braces can also move back teeth, this gives a greater treatment range.

PRICE - this will depend upon exact treatment times however there is very often little price difference between lingual braces and Invisalign.

CLEANING - because Invisalign is removable it is far easier to clean your teeth whilst having this type of orthodontic brace. Lingual braces can be more difficult to clean and you will need to use a special floss to be able to clean in between the brackets and wires.


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