Dental Hygiene

Lucy Levene
GDC No. 4856
EDH (Lond)

Lucy has a B.A. (Hons) in Sociology from the University of London. She attained her Diploma in Dental Hygiene at the Eastman Dental Hospital and then attended a Post Graduate course in Phoenix, Arizona at the Omar Reed Institute. Lucy is appreciated in the practice for her gentle approach and has successfully treated many cases of gum disorders over the last ten years. She is particularly proud to have helped phobic patients to overcome their fears of dentistry and has been invited on many occasions to lecture both children and adults on the importance of good dental hygiene.

Dental hygiene treatment includes professionally cleaning the teeth for the patient. This is usually called scaling and polishing. However, perhaps our most important role is showing the patient the best way to keep the teeth free of plaque.

The hygienist also plays an important role in treating gum disease, bad breath problems, decay detection and mouth cancer screening.

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